WELCOME to Crafts by Sunny! I offer CUTE lettering, picture frames, and BLOCKS. You can customize your ORDER! Tell me what name or SAYING you'd like and pick your favorite COLORS!

Decorated Letter and Block Pricing
( Letters- 7-8 in. tall 1/4 in thick.) $6.00
(Letters 5 in. tall) $5.00
(Blocks - about 2 1/2 in.) $6.00

Picture Frame Pricing
4x6 $12.00, 5x7 $15.00, 8x10 $20.00

Furniture Pricing
$50.00 and up

ALL pricing is subject to CHANGE depending on the sizes you order. If you CHOOSE to go bigger or smaller price may go up or DOWN.

PLEASE allow me 3-5 buisness days to complete YOUR order. If you are located in Southern UTAH we can make arrangments to MEET up. I would be happy to SHIP your order, but shipping will be an additional FEE depending on your order SIZE.

All PAYMENTS will be done through PAYPAL to cutie.bowtootie@live.com.

THANKS for looking, be sure to EMAIL me at Sun_Croz@hotmail.com if you have any QUESTIONS or to place an ORDER!